First Week Again!


It is the first week of Photoshop class at WCC. I am excited to delve further into the world of digital imaging and design after the taste I got this summer. In this first class we got an introduction into Hyper Realism. Hyper Realism is a type of art that blends real word elements with a sort of absurdity. It looks real but it makes you look twice because something is off. It made me think of the volkswagen commercial with the giant hamsters driving. When she explained hyperrealism I immediately thought of them!

An example of hyper realism the professor showed in class was the artist Erik Johansson. His work is full of hyper realism and I found it really beautiful. My favorite was this one:




I am now on the lookout for examples of hyperrealism in all aspects of my life!


Last Day


Today is the last day of class where we will be presenting our websites and our case study. I am looking forward to continuing web design and exploring the world of new media and digital media. What I would really love to do is to redesign the website for the Westchester Independent Living Center. It’s where I work and it would be a fun side project. Web design would be a great asset for me as an administrative assistant right now.



Learning about coding in the context of Web Design is actually kind of fun. It’s all about experimenting and seeing what changes in code will cause what changes in the design. Trial and error is my favorite way to learn because it’s fun and interactive. Code is like an entirely new language but it has tangible results so you can know for sure whether you got it right or wrong.

HTML5 UP is a great resource of free HTML5 and CSS3 templates for Web Design.

Peekskill, NY


I’ve lived 20 minutes away from Peekskill all my life and I can count on one hand the number of times that I have been here. This little street is actually kind of quaint and artsy. I am enjoying the little break in class getting to walk around and enjoy this little artsy town. I am especially loving the Peekskill Coffee House. It has a fantastic vibe and makes me want to keep coming back. Can’t wait to see what else Peekskill has to offer.

Hello world!


This is my very first post. I am starting a Web Design class at Westchester Community College and I am looking forward to learning about how to build a web page. I think basic coding and computer creation skills are now so important, not only in the job market, but for life in general in this New Media world.